Appetizing samples for Hungry producers

Designed with custom DSP routines with the creative and innovative spark that will inspire you within your next studio session

Twist and mash up

100% royalty-free and compatible with all DAWs

Twist and mash up the MIDI files within your projects or try layering your own sounds with the included WAV files for your multi-media projects

Ableton Push ready
All sounds has been designed to work with the Ableton Push controller and are ready to be used with Ableton Live 11+
Synth presets
A wide selection of synth presets for Serum, Massive, Sylenth1 and Spire
Midi patterns
Groovy MIDI patterns for your hardware or software synths
Wav cross platform
All sounds are in WAV format and compatible with all DAWs

Boost your productivity.

Sample Delectable Records at loopmasters, now!

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VIP reviews

Learn from our testimonials how to grow your music ideas into professional-sounding tracks

Sound packs

The World Spin Faster

Very cool vocal set from Delectable with simple lyrics and a clean tone but that's what makes it pretty cool. I prefer the dry version of everything but they also give you a digital and analog processed folder. Very nice job !

VIP Review Jason Nevins


MIDI packs

Tech House MIDI Basslines 01

Very useful pack this if you like your midi as it's only a midi pack but it's very good to get the groove going. Defo worth checking out the other midi bassline packs on Delectable sample packs label...

VIP Review Magnus Asberg


Sound Packs

Extreme Glitch Hop

Where the HELL didi you get those sounds??? Extreme Glitch Hop by Delectable Records provided them. Warning! This sound pack was constructed for the serious producers. Delectable gives you cutting edge loops, beats and builds to take you production game to the next level

VIP Review Keith Shocklee


Available Formats

Delectable Records offers a wide range of formats for you to choose from with new products being added every week. Formats include:

Wav is the most popular format for audio files
Midi files are a great way to get your ideas down quickly
Sampler Patches
Sampler patches for Kontakt, Halion, NNXT, EXS24 and SFZ
Ableton Packs
Ableton packs that include racks, clips and samples
Full packs
Full packs that include all formats
Splitted packs
Splitted packs that fit your needs

Keep the creative juices flowin with Delectable Records!

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